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International English Handwriting Competition, which started in the USA in 2001, is a non-profit activity initiated by International English Handwriting Competition Association and held throughout the world.

The Association was established to provide guidance and help for people of different ages in English handwriting including teachers, doctors, students, officials, etc. The improvement of English handwriting can not only lift their professional level but also make them more confident for their life and work.

The competition also provides a platform for the English handwriting professionals and amateurs around the globe to deliver international exchange and fully show their talents. It is a tie which connects people around the world.


It shall be the purpose of handwriting for humanity to foster the study and use of handwritten communications. 

Besides, it plays a positive role in regulating the handwriting of English beginners. At the very beginning, it was just held in native America. Now it covers a dozen of countries such as the UK, France, Spanish, Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, India and China and becomes popular among increasingly more English educators and learners owing to its authority in the international circle.

In 2012, the company, Beijing Strongfeeling Youth International, introduced it into China, established Organizing Committee of the competition and at the same time successfully held the first English Handwriting Competition in China. So far, it has become a big event with tens of thousands of participators every year. The prize items set up in China mainly include the first, second and third prize as well as honorable mention prize while the fonts of the works mainly include handwriting form, cursive style, Gothic style, and uncial style. The competition is organized aiming to stimulate participants’ interest in English handwriting and their passion for learning English on the basis of regulating their handwriting.

The participating schools in 2016 include (no particular order):

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